We Ranked Everything In A Celebration’s Pack From Worst To Best

June 5, 2020

If you are a millennial, I can bet that Celebrations is tied to a lot of fun childhood memories. Stealing them out of hampers to take to boarding school, fighting with siblings and friends over who gets what. And random arguments in dorms about what the best thing in it is.

So I thought we’d settle it once and for all. What’s the best thing in a Celebration’s pack? If you say Bounty, just go ahead and block me on Twitter. Bounty aside, the ranking of everything else in a Celebrations pack is kind of debatable. Here’s mine from worst to best, tell me what yours is in the comment section below.


People who swear by Bounty need to be studied. Something might be really wrong with them and we as a society don’t take it seriously enough. How else would you explain why anyone would voluntarily eat what is basically every serial killer’s favourite chocolate bar.


The best thing about a Mars bar is the thin layer of gooey, sweet caramel. But that’s not enough to save the entire thing from being trash. Mars is what you eat when you’ve eaten everything else in the bag and thrown all of the Bounty out.


If you hate nuts in your chocolate, then you’d understandably hate Snickers. As for me, I’m a little indifferent. I’d probably eat all the Snickers bars first, just because I’m trying to save my faves for last.


I only remember Galaxy bars exist when I see them in a Celebrations pack. I’ve never thought to myself ‘I’m in the mood for some chocolate today, let me go out and get a Galaxy bar’. That being said it’s neither the best nor the worst thing in a Celebrations pack. If you dip your hand in the bag and come up with a Galaxy bar you don’t throw it away or save it for later, you mindlessly open it up and eat it.

Milky Way

Milky Way is what Mars wanted to be but fell short. They are both packed with nougat centres but Milky Way’s is not as dense as Mars’ which makes it so much better. The chocolate exterior also tastes way better.

Galaxy Caramel

Galaxy Caramel is the yummier alternative to the regular Galaxy bars. It’s more memorable than the regular Galaxy bars, but not enough to be at the top of this list.


I know Twix isn’t this close to the top of many people’s lists but I love Twix. I love the wafers and the caramel layer and how you can never eat only one at a go. Asides what is obviously at the top of this list, Twix is the only thing I’d go out of my way to buy on its own.


What’s not to love about Maltesers. Most of this list is debatable but no matter what order you put the rest of the chocolate bars in, if Maltese’s doesn’t top your list then there’s something wrong. Maltesers are small round balls of perfection. Filled with the lightest wafer that melts on your tongue once it hits it. Maltesers only fall short when they are stale, a crime almost all Nigerian supermarkets are guilty of.

Toketemu Ohwovoriole

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