Nigerian Women Answer The Most Googled Questions About Relationships

April 15, 2019

Turning to Google to seek out answers for everything from the meaning of life, to how to frustrate your neighbour into turning off their gen early is pretty standard. Most of the time we get handy practical answers like – ‘life is only what you make of it’ or ‘steal your neighbour’s spark plug.

When it comes to matters of the heart, things get a little more complicated and Google doesn’t always get it right. But when Google fails, you can trust your average Nigerian to come through. We searched through the internet for the most googled questions on love and relationships ever and got Nigerians to give us answers in ways only they could.

How do you make a long distance relationship work?

Honestly, you don’t. I’ve tried it and the inevitable breakup was much worse than if we had just ended things as he was travelling. I mean if it’s a short term long distance thing I guess it could work. Like maybe one of you travels for masters but intends to come back. Masters is just a year. But if it’s for like work or a first degree, then there’s really no point. Lol, you don’t who has time for that kind of stress?

Jumoke, 26

How To Change Your Relationship Status On Facebook?

Is Facebook still a thing? Like, are people still changing relationship status on Facebook? The one I know how to do is Instagram. When you are in a relationship, every second picture you post is you and bae, or of bae or referencing bae. When you notice that someone has suddenly deleted any evidence of the bae from their page, then they are out of a relationship.

Fadekemi, 21

How To Build Trust In A Relationship?

Oh, that’s a deep one. Honesty. Transparency. Not the one that I’ll be asking you who you are out with, and you’ll say friends and you’ll forget to mention that the ‘friends’ is one of your exes. But don’t be too honest. If I tell you I used 15k to do hair, and the hair is not fine you better tell me that I look like a cross between Beyonce and Rihanna with it.

Elizabeth, 25

What Is A Poly Relationship?

I don’t think there’s any Nigerian who doesn’t know what a poly relationship is. Well at least polygamous. If you mention polyandry now the average Nigerian will gasp and clutch their pearls. It’s not our culture and other stories. But it’s our culture for men to take on ten wives, two concubines and 8 girlfriends. But let a girl say she’s dating two men not marrying them o, just dating, then its omg the scandal, asewo girl. Double standards.

Onyinyechi, 28

How To Save Your Relationship?

This is vague. What are you saving it from? If your partner has been cheating on you like there’s no tomorrow plis dear, forward ever backwards never. Don’t bother saving anything. See if you get to a point where you think your relationship needs ‘saving’ it’s actually time to cut your losses and move on.

Halimah, 22

What Is An Open Relationship?

An open relationship is where two people deceive themselves that they can be committed and in love but keep seeing other people. It’s a recipe for disaster. It’s only oyibo people I’ve seen open relationships work for. We actually have our own now that I think about it. But it’s one sided. In which the woman is expected to stay faithful and loyal but the man can do whatever he wants ontop head of the home.

Tolulope, 24

How To Get Over A Relationship?

Cry a lot. Pray a lot. Wait it out. There’s honestly no manual to this thing. Because getting over a two-month relationship is different from getting over being left at the altar. It’s honestly just God who can heal. It might take some time, but God heals everything.

Okiemute, 29

How To Get Out Of A Toxic Relationship?

Just leave. If someone is treating you badly and making you feel bad about yourself, leave them. I feel like its very important to love yourself first. If you truly do love yourself first instead of carrying relationship on your head, then its easy to leave once someone starts treating you badly. I’m not saying you shouldn’t love fully with all your heart, just love yourself more.

Jemima, 32

How Do You Know Your Relationship Is Over?

He blocking you across all platforms is a very telling sign. Catching him or her with someone else is another sign.

Funke, 23

What Does A Healthy Relationship Look Like?

Boy meets girls. Boy marries girl. They spend the rest of their lives living happily together and he never cheats. But seriously I actually won’t even know. I have never had one. I’ve only ever dated weres.

Tilewa, 26

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